March 8, 2019 

We want to update everyone on our voluntary shutdown of operations that occurred early February, to improve our overall service experience for customers. The company will continue its temporary closure of operations until March 31, 2019, due to completing our aircraft reliability improvements, and continuation of revamping our overall flight scheduling services, booking systems, and customer communication experience.  

For our customers that had bookings during the month of February we will be issuing full refunds to registered customers this month, including providing you with a complimentary round trip flight credit to any of our current or future destinations that will be valid throughout 2019. For our customers that have purchased non-refundable tickets from previous months during 2018, we will honor those tickets once our services resume, and provide you one complimentary round trip flight credit that will be valid to any of our current or future scheduled destinations, for a period of one year from the time those flight credits are issued  

We want to ensure customers that we are committed to restoring our scheduled services before the end of this month, with improvements and enhancements that we feel will serve you better and more conveniently. Once our services resume, we expect to restore flight schedules to our previous destinations, including Tofino.  Please email with your name and the date in which you purchased your ticket so that we can match those purchases with our records.

Once we receive your information, we send you a verification and issue you a refund and an official flight credit accordingly. Please allow ten to fifteen business days for our processing, and again we apologize for any inconvenience. We do hope to see you on our flights again soon.  



Steve Foley, President