May 25, 2019 

We are pleased to update everyone that our operating certificate has been reinstated by Transport Canada as of April 25, and Air Operator Certificate has been reinstated by the Canadian Transportation Agency as of May 8th. This marks the completion of essential improvements we needed to make within our organization in order to improve our quality controls and increase our overall service experience and reliability for our customers.

We expect to resume limited services to our destinations sometime by the end of July or early August, 2019 with full scheduled services resuming in the months following. Also, we are continuing to work on our reservation, booking, and customer credit systems so our customers will receive a more satisfying experience with respect to their flight bookings and reservations.

Thank you for your continued patience and for those customers receiving refunds and free flight credits attributed to service disruptions in 2018 and our temporary closure, we are processing those in a timely manner and if you have questions please feel free to email




Jeremy Barrett,

Chief Pilot & Ops Manager